About Us

Oquendo Fence has been servicing the community since 1997, we at Oquendo Fence ensure to use top of the line products for all of our customers. We are a family owned business which is more of a reason why we take to heart the passion of what we do by installing each and every fence and ensuring the best possible finished product. We also take extra time not only to know our client but to make sure you are getting the best attention you need for your new project. We are not only sending our best out to get you the estimate you need but we are sending the most understanding, comprehensive and respective person we have on board. So please don’t hesitate to give us a try and contact us to get you the quickest and most reasonable┬á estimate you can find out there.

We specialize in chain link, PVC, wood, iron, and you can also inquire about any custom made projects suitable for your home!

We want for our customers not only to have a renewed and beautifully finished home with also the knowledge that adding beauty to any landscape with a new fence will also increase your property value but also for the customer to trust in Oquendo fence to make all of your dreams come true!